Why size is important when it comes to choosing a hamster cage?

Hamsters are one of the most popular pet types because they are fun and easy to maintain. They are one of the most active animals and choosing the right kind of cage for them can get pretty challenging. Apart from the ventilation and the material of the cage, one of the other important points to keep in mind is the size of the cage. The size may not seem like a lot important, but a large hamster cage is surely something that is going to keep your small friend happy and healthy.

large hamster cage

There are a lot of reasons why a large hamster cage is suitable for your pet and why the size is important, and we have thrown some light on it in this very article.

Enhanced activity:

If you didn’t know beforehand, a hamster is a kind of animal which tends never to sit idle for a minute. They are very active and tend to remain that way until they run out of energy. This is one of the pivotal reasons why it is best to keep a hamster in a large cage.

  • Large cages and cages with a lot of space in them give the hamster lot of space to wander around the cage without colliding with
  • They also can accommodate more than one hamster in them without suffocating the other.
  • Large cages allow you to accommodate more toys and more even a spin wheel for your hamster to play with.
  • Some cages are ever tired which a very exciting new addition to the hamster’s daily is playing routine.

To keep the mental health of your hamster okay:

If hamsters do not get to play around freely in the cage, they tend to definitely have a very lethargic life which not only reflects in their physical health but also in their mental health. It is thus very important to buy cages which are big in size, specifically bigger than the standard size so they can play around and not feel suffocated and confined in the cage.

  • If you want your hamster to be cheerful and happy, the best thing to do is let them play and walk around freely in their cage. That can only be achieved if the cage is suitably bigger in size and not makes the hamster feel trapped.
  • Hamsters tend to become lethargic if they do not get proper facilities. It is best to have the cages which have many games and wheels made of
  • This ensures that the hamster stays active and doesn’t feel droopy.

Proper space and ventilation:

The hamsters tend to excrete a lot of ammonia and a confined space in turn results in improper breathing habits and even can lead to suffocation. It is best to look out for spacious and well-ventilated cages which help them to breathe in properly and also doesn’t intimidate them.

If you plan on keeping more than one hamster in a cage, the cage should be double the size of the standard one to avoid any kinds of behavioral problems inflicted by the hamsters. Syrian hamsters cannot be kept together, though.